• Experience the Authentic Cuyabeno

    Led by our local naturalist guides, you will see beautiful landscapes, gain understanding about Cuyabeno's communities and learn about its stunning flora and fauna.

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  • Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

    Being part of the Amazon forest, Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is home to a wide variety of unique flora and fauna in the world.

    Cuyabeno Reserve
  • Cuyabeno's Exceptional Fauna

    It is estimated that around 1,100 species: 165 mammals, 500 birds, 81 amphibians, 54 reptiles and 300 fish live in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve.

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Welcome To Tucán Lodge Cuyabeno

Tucán Lodge is a cozy accommodation located in one of the most beautiful places in the Ecuadorian Amazon, inside of Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. We have capacity for 30 people distributed in comfortable rooms and suites with private bathroom and hot water. We offer excursions in nature, cultural activities, relaxation areas and yoga to enjoy an unforgettable experience, that will help you to connect with nature through incredible landscapes, fauna and exotic flora that Cuyabeno reserve has.

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Our Amazon Tours

Our Cuyabeno tours have the perfect balance between nature and culture through enriching experiences, as well as moments of peace and encounter with yourself. Led by our naturalist guides, we will take you to beautiful places where you will enjoy dreamlike landscapes, you will learn about animals and plants that live in the reserve, and we will explain you how important is to preserve these natural sites.
Among the activities we offer: hikes, nocturnal explorations, rides in traditional rowing canoes, observation of birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, etc. Teaching of medicinal plants, visits to the community of Siona ethnic group, craft production of chocolate and coffee, swimming in the Laguna Grande and much more. Experience the Authentic Cuyabeno!

Cuyabeno Flash Tour (3 days/2 nights)

On this 3-­day Amazon tour you will get to know the flooded forest of Cuyabeno with its characteristic flora and fauna, you will enjoy a ride in the traditional rowing canoe, you will learn about production of artisanal chocolate and coffee, and walk at night in search of animals.

Cuyabeno Flash Tour

Cuyabeno Ideal Tour (4 days/3 nights)

In this 4-day Amazon tour you will go through the flooded primary forest in search of flora and fauna, you will visit a Siona community to learn about their customs and traditions, a shaman will tell us about their worldview, you will have a night walk, enjoy spectacular landscapes and learn the production of chocolate and coffee.

Cuyabeno Ideal Tour

Cuyabeno Premium Tour (5 days/4 nights)

In this 5‐day Amazon tour you will have the opportunity to get to know the Cuyabeno Reserve in more depth. You will travel through streams in a (traditional) rowing canoe to enjoy the silence of the jungle, you will closely observe the flora, explore the flooded forest in search of animals , you will visit the Siona community, meet a true shaman, have fun swimming in Laguna Grande and witness an amazing sunset, also you will have time to stay in the lodge and use its created spaces to relax and connect with nature.

Cuyabeno Premium Tour

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is located in the provinces of Sucumbíos and Orellana at the northern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. Created in 1979, the reserve spans an area of 590,112 ha (1,458,198 acres) with altitudes ranging from 177 to 326 m.a.s.l. It is named after the Cuyabeno River which overflows during its course creating a group of 14 lagoons and it is the largest wetland area in the Ecuador Amazon region.

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Why Tucán Lodge Cuyabeno?

Experienced Guides

Our guides will teach you everything about Cuyabeno. Culture and communities, flora, fauna and conservation.

Eco Lodge

Tucán Lodge was built with renewable materials and legally authorized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment.

Hot Shower

All of our suites, rooms and dorms feature private bathroom with hot shower, mosquito nets on each bed and balcony.

Customer Service

Our staff strives to make sure you feel welcomed and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the Cuyabeno Reserve.


Our lodge is operated by people from the local communities and one of our co­‐founders comes from the Siona nationality.


We offer delicious typical Amazonian dishes to our customers, which includes many vegan and vegetarian options.


We are based at the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve, with private trails and next to a river with paddling and swimming areas.

Common Areas

Enjoy our hammocks next to the river, yoga and relaxation areas, stars observatory, board games and much more.

Tour Activities

The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is truly like no other place on Earth, the ultimate heaven for wildlife and nature lovers. Once you step on our boat at the Cuyabeno entrance and navigate towards our comfortable lodge, our experienced local guides will show you all the secrets of this stunning place which will, ultimately, make you discover the authentic Cuyabeno.

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Cuyabeno Flash Tour

cuyabeno tours atardecer laguna grande
  • 3-day Amazon tour.
  • Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Eco-Lodge managed by locals.
  • Delicious Amazonian food.
  • 3 days of activities, express tour in the Cuyabeno.
  • Comfort at the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve.
  • Search for animals (caimans, anacondas, monkeys, birds, etc).
  • A unique experience.
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Cuyabeno Ideal Tour

  • 4-day Amazon tour.
  • Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Eco-Lodge managed by locals.
  • Delicious Amazonian food.
  • 4 days of activities, enjoy the authentic Cuyabeno.
  • Comfort at the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve.
  • Search for animals (caimans, anacondas, monkeys, birds, etc).
  • A unique experience.
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Cuyabeno Premium Tour

  • 5-day Amazon tour.
  • Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Eco-Lodge managed by locals.
  • Delicious Amazonian food.
  • 5 days of activities in the Cuyabeno with extra time for relaxation.
  • Comfort at the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve.
  • Search for animals (caimans, anacondas, monkeys, birds, etc).
  • A unique experience.
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Meet Some Amazing Friends

Fauna in Cuyabeno Fauna is one of the most diverse on the planet. It is estimated that there are around 1,100 species: 165 mammals, 500 birds, 81 amphibians, 54 reptiles and 300 fish. Some of the most charasteristic are: pink dolphins, manatees, alligators, anacondas, otters, monkeys, peccaries, jaguars, tigrillos, pumas, paiches, bocachicos, piranhas, catfish, frogs, parrots, macaws, etc.

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Tucan Lodge
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alexa mcdonaldalexa mcdonald
23:27 23 Jan 23
A perfect place for solo travelers like myself to visit! This is the newest lodge in the area so all of the buildings are super nice. The staff are all local people and know so much about the area. I learned so much about the jungle, animals and community there. The night spend at the lake during sunset was absolutely stunning. The food that they serve is delicious and they're super accommodating to veggies and vegans! This place is filled with great people and you'll definitely have a good time if you go! Highly recommend!
Jens BeekmansJens Beekmans
20:11 18 Nov 22
I highly recommend this place to everybody who wants to experience the Ecuadorian part of the Amazone. The people at the lodge are all local. The tour guides are so knowledgeable about the area. The staff at this lodge is very kind and they make you feel like home. You can feel that everything they do is coming from the heart. You get 3 meals a day, which are amazing and various. The bread is freshly baked everyday. They also have free coffee, tea and hot chocolate during the day. And don’t forget to ask about the salsa sauce. The activities are interesting and give you a real Amazon experience. Keep up the good work guys and may we’ll meet again!Jens
17:08 09 Sep 22
Everything was terrific! We were out there with one of the two local owners, Gilver, who shared a ton of interesting information, was extremely knowledgeable and had excellent English. I also briefly met Carlos, who was mentioned in other reviews and he seemed to know his stuff too but I ultimately can't speak to that. He is a local from the jungle though so I can't imagine him being ill informed about anything.I can only recommend them, beds, food, facilities, everything was comfortable and we felt extremely relaxed.
Hannah DaleHannah Dale
13:34 14 Aug 22
Perfect time in the jungle with local guides from the Amazonas region. We felt truly welcomed and had a lovely time, the perfect balance of action packed and relaxing. We saw loads of animals, walked through the jungle and swam in the river. 10/10 - would recommend this experience to anyone!!
Jenny RoedersJenny Roeders
13:25 11 Mar 22
Wanna go to the jungle but don’t know where to exactly? This is the place.We had an amazing and exciting time here.The food is GREAT (also the veggie options!), the staff is very friendly & welcoming and the guides know simply everything about jungle wildlife.You’ll be able to see a lot of different animals and plants while hiking or being in the canoe. You’ll be able to go for a swim in the lagoon while sunset. If you like, you can even sleep in the hammock in the jungle close to the Lodge. And you will learn SO MUCH about animals and life of the people in the jungle.We miss it already. Go for it and have a great time!