Eco Lodge

The lodge was built with renewable materials and legally authorized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment; For example, the wood used was taken from a project in which no forest is deforested, for each tree cut down, 10 more are planted. The roofs are made with 100% ecological and biodegradable palm leaves, without the need to cut the entire plant so it continues to grow. Other covers were acquired second-­‐hand taking care that they are in good condition, in order to extend their useful life and that they are not discarded.

We have a system of bio digesters that process dirty water with 7 filters so that it is purified and released underground into the forest. We have composters to degrade organic waste and transform it into fertilizer. Soaps and cleaning products are ecological.

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All of our rooms have hot water, private bathroom, mosquito net on each bed, balcony and 24-hour electricity.

We also offer glamping-style suites with hot water, private bathroom and mosquito net.

Common Areas

  • Restaurant.
  • Reading area.
  • Hammock area on the edge of the river.
  • Yoga Area.
  • Stand up paddle, Canoes and Tubing.
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  • Events (weddings, conventions, celebrations, etc.).
  • Cafeteria and Bar.
  • Room cleaning.
  • Amazonian Spa (check availability before the visit).
  • Specialized and personalized tours.

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve

The reserve is located in the provinces of Sucumbíos and Orellana at the northern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. Created in 1979, the reserve spans an area of 590,112 ha (1,458,198 acres) with altitudes ranging from 177 to 326 m.a.s.l. It is named after the Cuyabeno River which overflows during its course creating a group of 14 lagoons and it is the largest wetland area in the Ecuadorian Amazon region.

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