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The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is truly like no other place on Earth, the ultimate heaven for wildlife and nature lovers. This remarkable place offers endless activities for adventurous explorers. Thanks to our Amazon Tours, you will be able to spot and appreciate the incredible flora and fauna of the Amazon forest. Once you step on our boat at the Cuyabeno entrance and navigate towards our comfortable lodge, you will not stop discovering and exploring. Our experienced local guides will show you all the secrets of this stunning place which will, ultimately, make you discover the authentic Cuyabeno.

Sunset at the Laguna Grande

sunset in laguna grande cuyabeno activity ecuador amazonas

Laguna Grande is the largest of the 14 lagoons in the lacustrine system in the north of the reserve, it covers a large area of flooded forest, where pink dolphins, caimans, otters, and many other animals live. This is the best place to enjoy the majestic Cuyabeno sunset.

Monkey Search

monkey search activity cuyabeno ecuador tour amazon lodge

Cuyabeno is packed with our cheeky friends. We will explore the river looking for monkeys and other animals. It is possible to see up to 10 different species of monkeys in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Capuchins, tamarins, sqiurrel monkeys and many others.


birdwatching activity cuyabeno lodge amazon tour

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve has over 500 species of birds. At Tucán Lodge we are bird enthusiast. Our local guides have great experience with birdwatching tours. We normally start exploring at 6 am when the birds are more active and we can enjoy the beautiful Cuyabeno sunrise.

See Anacondas

anacondas activitycuyabeno ecuador tour amazon lodge

Female anacondas usually measure from 5 to 8 meters and males 3.5 meters, but there is evidence of specimens as big as 10 meters. In Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, monstrous big specimens of up to 8 meters can be seen from October to February when changing their skins.

Hiking into the Jungle

hike into the jungle cuyabeno activity ecuador amazonas hiking

Hiking in Cuyabeno is an unforgettable experience, you will hike for approximately 4 hours in the primary forest accompanied by our naturalist guide who will explain about medicinal plants, frogs, insects, birds, etc. Giant trees such as the cotton tree can be seen.

Night Walk

night walk activity cuyabeno lodge amazon tour hiking

Our Cuyabeno night walk gives you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the nocturnal wonders of the Amazon forest. In deep darkness, surrounded by hundreds of jungle sounds, you enter a world inhabited by the most unique, diverse, and shy night creatures.

Try Amazonian Food

amazonian food dishes maito cuyabeno activity ecuador amazonas

At Tucán Lodge you will enjoy some amazing typical dishes from Cuyabeno. Maito is one of the most famaous ones where the fish is wrapped in a special sheet and put on a slow fire, this gives it a very special flavor. This dish is found throughout the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Chocolate Tour

chocolate tour activity cuyabeno ecuador amazon lodge

The chocolate that we use in the lodge comes from the local community. Already fermented and dried, its quality is extraordinary . On the tour we will roast and grind it in the traditional way as local families do. And then we do tasting mixed with local fruits.

Coffee Tour

tour cafe cuyabeno lodge tucan

Grown by the indigenous Siona families, our amazonian coffee is organic and of the finest quality. It is an important income for local families. In the coffee tour you will learn how to prepare a good coffee, this is the coffee you will be drinking during the entire tour.

Visit the Shaman

lodge tour comunidad cuyabeno

During your visit to the indigenous community you will meet the Shaman, he is the spiritual leader and healer of the community. He has a great knowledge of the jungle, plants, animals and spirits, which were transmitted to him by his ancestors. He knows and keeps the secrets of the hallucinogenic drink Ayahuasca.

Rowing Tour

paseo en canoa cuyabeno actividades tours

Rowing in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is a unique experience. During our tours you will be exploring rivers and streams in our traditional canoes, in silence and with great peace. In this activity you will have the opportunity to observe many animals and listen to all the sounds of the jungle.

Indigenous Community

indigenous community shaman activity cuyabeno ecuador tour

During the visit to the indigenous community, apart from meeting the Shaman, you will learn how the people of the jungle live. A local lady will show us the way she lives, her house and crops. We will enhoy some amazing food from the region and, then, prepare and eat the Casave, bread made from Yuca (a tuber).

Caiman Spotting

caiman search activity cuyabeno ecuador tour-amazon lodge

Caimans are one of the many animals you will see in the reserve. There are 3 types of caimans in Cuyabeno:  Dwarf caiman with a size of 1 meter, Black caiman, 6 meters, and Spectacled caiman (2,5m). We normally go looking for the caimans at night, after enjoying the sunset at Laguna Grande.

Stand Up Paddle

stand up paddle activity cuyabeno ecuador tour amazon lodge

Enjoy stand up paddle in the Cuyabeno river next to our lodge or in Laguna Grande. It will be at your disposal at any spare time (while we are not doing other adventurous activities). Hard to think of a better place for paddling away and exploring the unknown of the amazon forest.

Relax in our Hammocks

relax hammock activity cuyabeno ecuador tour amazon lodge

Our lodge features stunning common areas with hammocks and an infinity hammock where you can relax with the quietness and sounds of the amazon forest. Read a book, practice yoga, meditate, look for animals, have a drink or, simply, forget about everything in such breathtaking and unique place.

Swim in Laguna Grande

swim in laguna grande activity cuyabeno lodge amazon tour hiking

Swimming in laguna grande during sunset is another unique experience that you will enjoy on our Amazon Tours. After a long day exploring the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve you will be able to refresh, relax and take some amazing pictures in this breathtaking spot.

Enjoy Amazonian Flora

laguna cuyabeno tour lodge ecuador

The flora of this reserve is among one of the most diverse on the planet and has around 1,400 species distributed in different ecosystems. Among one of the most characteristic trees of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve are the water Guarangos that are found in the Laguna Grande.

Tubing in Cuyabeno River

tubing in cuyabeno river amazon lodge tour amazon ecuador

Tubing is another activity included in our tours. It involves floating along a river sitting in an inflated inner tube. We will take you up the Cuyabeno river and let you go down the current. It is a great adventurous way to enjoy the nature and wildlfe of the reserve. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Cuyabeno Flash Tour

cuyabeno tours atardecer laguna grande
  • 3-day Amazon tour.
  • Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Eco-Lodge managed by locals.
  • Delicious Amazonian food.
  • 3 days of activities, express tour in the Cuyabeno.
  • Comfort at the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve.
  • Search for animals (caimans, anacondas, monkeys, birds, etc).
  • A unique experience.
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Cuyabeno Ideal Tour

  • 4-day Amazon tour.
  • Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Eco-Lodge managed by locals.
  • Delicious Amazonian food.
  • 4 days of activities, enjoy the authentic Cuyabeno.
  • Comfort at the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve.
  • Search for animals (caimans, anacondas, monkeys, birds, etc).
  • A unique experience.
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Cuyabeno Premium Tour

  • 5-day Amazon tour.
  • Experienced naturalist guides.
  • Eco-Lodge managed by locals.
  • Delicious Amazonian food.
  • 5 days of activities in the Cuyabeno with extra time for relaxation.
  • Comfort at the heart of the Cuyabeno Reserve.
  • Search for animals (caimans, anacondas, monkeys, birds, etc).
  • A unique experience.
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