How To Get To Tucán Lodge Cuyabeno

The tour begins at the entrance of the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve at the Cuyabeno river bridge. This will be the meeting point with the naturalist guide.

To get to this point there are three options: private shuttle, public bus or car. From Tucán Lodge we help you to book the private shuttle from Quito to the Cuyabeno entrance.

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Private Transport (Shuttle)

There is a transportation company that is responsible for taking and bringing only passengers who enter in Cuyabeno, this bus leaves them at the meeting point in Cuyabeno and picks them up from that same place to return to Quito. It leaves Quito at 11:00 pm (the night before the tour). The price is 60 usd (round trip). If you want to take this option, we must always check the availability in the private tourist bus. We recommend this option. We help you to reserve this bus.

Public Transport

To arrive by public transportation, you must leave from the Quitumbe Terrestre Terminal (South Quito) in Putumayo Transport (it is the only company that passes through the entrance to the Cuyabeno Reserve on its way) you must be in Quitumbe at 9:00 pm (the night before the tour) the bus leaves at 9:30 pm and arrive at the entrance of the reserve (Puente Cuyabeno) at 8 or 9 am the next morning. At the end of the tour, the tourist guide helps you to take a bus from the bridge of Cuyabeno Reserve to Lago Agrio and at the station you can take a bus back to Quito that leaves every 30 minutes.

Own / Rented Car

From the city of Quito you should take Av. Simón Bolívar and then Ruta Viva and then follow E20 and E45 towards the city of Nueva Loja (Lago Agrio). Once there, you must take E10 to the Cuyabeno Bridge where the entrance to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve is located, in that place there is a restaurant with a parking lot for your vehicle for the days that you are going to visit the reserve, the owner of the restaurant charges you 5 usd. in total for car care.